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Indonesian mask




Ref : LOL38


Importation :  Indonésia / Bali



Size :  H51cm L12cm


Height : 1000Gr



Description :


Paradisiac Lombok island Voisine to Bali Lombok forms part of the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat with like Mataram capital. Lombok does not attract as many tourists as Bali but offers nevertheless splendid landscapes of rice plantations and superb sand blanc.Comme beaches many other groups ethnic indonésiens, the Balineses are holders of an original culture, which is one of the elements of the tourist attraction of the island - with the risks of loss of authenticity that this exploitation comprises. One of its most spectacular demonstrations is the dance of which there are several types, often danced by very girls the legong.lombok, Indonesia, bali. The amateurs of craft industry of all qualities, drink, stone, concrete, shells, money, textiles, mask lombok, table batik or mask batik which are a Javanese technique, will be allured by the achievements balinaises.Le wood is in particular worked in Mas, the money with Celuk, and the batik with Ubud.

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Lombok mask

Masque indonésien lombok